Season of Change

Thursday November 7th to Saturday November 9th



The TransAmerica Trail, commonly referred to as the TAT, is the cross-country adventure ride of a lifetime with mostly off-pavement traversing. From scenic vistas and unique attractions to rough terrain and challenging conditions, the TAT presents every rider with the opportunity for an unforgettable journey and memories that will last a lifetime. Depending on the weather and location, riders may face challenges including mud, sand, snow, and rocks among others. As the trail is made up of dirt, gravel, forest, farm, and brief sections of paved roads.

We will be running just over 400 miles of the trail through the Smoky Mountains in the South East portion of TN. We will be covering 3 states, beginning in Murphy NC and ending in LaFayette GA.

While we all like to have fun and enjoy “spirited” driving, please, drive WITHIN YOUR LIMITS and obey all traffic laws! THIS IS NOT A RACE. This is simply an opportunity for you to get out there and experience for yourself what you and your truck are capable of and more importantly have some fun with some really good people. The trail system is a mix of terrain some of which can be more of a technical drive with some paved sections peppered in that gives a welcome opportunity to relax and enjoy the scenery. Speaking of the views and the fall colors you are about to experience cannot be beat anywhere else in the country!
We will be staying in Murphy NC Thursday and Friday night.

Saturday Lunch is on us at Pauls Drive In in GA
Saturday night we will have dinner at Hamiltons Food and Spirits in Dalton GA. Dinner vouchers will be available to all attendees and passengers at an additional cost of $35ea.

Thursday, November 7th

Early check in at the lobby of the Stonebrook Lodge Hotel

7pm – Early check in and registration
Stonebrook Lodge
300 Casino Pkwy
Murphy NC 28906

Friday, November 8th

Final check in at the lobby of the Stonebrook Lodge Hotel

We will be meeting in the parking lot of the Stonebridge Lodge for drivers meeting and instructions for the day.

1:00pm (respectively)
1hr stop in Tellico Plains TN for lunch. We typically eat at the Iron Works Grill however if you prefer to pack a lunch there is a very scenic river with places to sit where you could eat if you prefer.

6:00 – 7:00pm
We should be wrapping up our run for the day and headed back to Stonebrook Lodge. It is about a 45m drive back to Murphy. There is a casino just down the road and plenty of places for food close by. In addition, we will be grilling hot dogs and brats in the parking lot of the hotel. Everyone is welcome to join. So have fun, get some rest. We are going to do it again tomorrow.

Saturday, November 9th

We will be meeting in the parking lot of the Stonebrook Lodge and departing. Be sure to load up your bags as we will not be returning to this location.

1:30pm (respectively)
Stopping at Paul’s Drive-In just north of Chatsworth GA for lunch provided by TORR. Food options will be a hot dog, cheeseburger or club sandwich all will come with fries and coleslaw. We will need your choice prior to departing the hotel Saturday morning so that we can inform the restaurant. You will receive a lunch card and meal card in your registration packets. Be sure to have your LUNCH CARD with you. This is your payment for lunch, you will not be able to get food without it. If you have a passenger and would like to purchase additional lunch cards your lead will have extras available.

6:00pm – 7:00pm
Alpha group will be meeting in the parking lot of the Stonebrook Lodge and departing. Be sure to load up your bags as we will not be returning to this location.

Dinner in Dalton GA provided by TORR

Hamiltons Food and Spirits
243 North Hamilton St
Dalton GA 30720

Sunday, November 10th

Packing up and headed home! Safe travels everyone!


  1. THIS IS NOT A RACE! We cannot state this enough. Drive within your limits and OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS.
  2. Your truck must have the following:
    – Good tires with tread height more than 4/32
    – Hard wired VHF radio programmed to channels.
    TORR1 – 155.080
    TORR2 – 155.130
    TORR3 – 155.240
    TORR4 – 169.000
    Handheld radios are NOT acceptable for this run. For help on acquiring a radio please reach out to Keith at LVJ Motorsports
    – Working headlights, taillights
    – Chase lightsIf you are missing any of the above you will not be allowed to participate and you will forfeit your registration fee.
  1. 100% Sober Driving.
    Alcohol consumption or drug use will not be tolerated on the trails or anytime you are driving. If you are caught drinking you will be asked to leave.
  2. Everyone in your truck must sign a waiver. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you or any of your passengers missed signing the waiver during registration, please see a team member at check in.
  3. If there is an accident on one of the trails. Please NO PHOTOS. Parties involved need to have a chance to file a claim with their insurance provider, and any photos could make that process difficult.


If you have any questions regarding this event please email them to

We want to thank you all for your support. This will no doubt be an epic weekend full of great memories and new friendships. Can’t wait to see you out there in the dirt, but until then “keep the rubber side down and WELCOME TO THE REVOLUTION!”


Registration for this run is exclusive to Club members and only includes the driver entry with one event shirt and one dinner plate.
As always additional passenger dinners are $35 each and additional event t-shirts will be $25.

Being that our runs are no longer limited to the Ford Raptor, we need to add vehicle information to each registration.

Make, model and year.



Nov 07 - 09 2024