Holley Ford Fest

The Off Road Revolution

Holley Ford Fest

Sept 28th – Oct 1st

Join The Offroad Revolution at Holley Ford Fest September 28 – October 1st  for some track time!

Who wants to see Ford MotorCo’s Ultra 4 bronco up close and personal? We have once again been invited by Holley to return to take over their dirt track at the Holley Ford Festival in Bowling Green KY. Your ticket will get you access to all of the events for the weekend and track time on the Off-road course.

This is a massive event with NMRA finals, drifting, auto cross, car show and more!

We really want to show how big we can do things and need your support.

Not only will you get a chance to run on the same dirt track with Ultra 4 cars you’ll also get a chance to meet some big names like Vaughn Gitten, Cleetus McFarland and many others!

But wait there’s more! We will also have our Knockout series open for a select few who want to take home the bragging rights.

Who will it be- Raptor Gen 1, 2, 3 or a F150 swap?

Being that we are guests of the venue you will have to register through them to attend.  We will need a list of who is coming so please let us know if you plan to register for this event. I believe it’s only $125.


Knockout Competition

Competition is open to anyone who would like to participate.

This will be a one lap knockout competition. We will put two trucks at a time on the track starting on opposite sides running in the same direction. The first one to cross their start line wins that round and will move on to round two.

The truck picks will be done by random drawing. Drivers will blind pick a token. Each token will have a match so you will be racing the driver who drew the same number as you. For example if you draw a number 2 you will be racing whoever also draws a number 2.

All winners from the first round will pick tokens again for round two line up. This will continue until there is one winner.



    We cannot state this enough. Drive within your limits and OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS.
  2. Your truck must have the following:
    – Good tires with tread height more than 4/32
    – Hard wired VHF radio programmed to channels.
    TORR1 – 155.080
    TORR2 – 155.130
    TORR3 – 155.240
    TORR4 – 169.000
    Handheld radios are acceptable for this run. For help on acquiring a radio please reach out to Keith at LVJ Motorsports
    – Working headlights, taillights
    – Chase lights
    If you are missing any of the above you will not be allowed to participate and you will forfeit your registration fee.
  1. 100% Sober Driving.
    Alcohol consumption or drug use will not be tolerated on the trails or anytime you are driving. If you are caught drinking you will be asked to leave.
  2.  Everyone in your truck must sign a waiver. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    If you or any of your passengers missed signing the waiver during registration, please see a team member at check in.
  3. If there is an accident on one of the trails.
    Please NO PHOTOS. Parties involved need to have a chance to file a claim with their insurance provider, and any photos could make that process difficult.

If you are missing any of the above you will not be allowed to participate and you will forfeit your registration fee.


We will have a team of photographers out there on both tracks all day Saturday working hard to capture you at your best. Photo packages are included with registration and will be provided on FB as well as via dropbox link by request.


If you have any questions regarding this event please email them to registration@torrun.com.

We want to thank you all for your support. This will no doubt be an epic weekend full of great memories and new friendships. Can’t wait to see you out there in the dirt, but until then “keep the rubber side down and WELCOME TO THE REVOLUTION!”




Sep 30 2023 - Oct 01 2023